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How to Apply Blush on Cheeks Correctly Just 5 Steps

Step 1 For a pretty, flushed look use two shades blush: a natural color that look like your checks after you have exercised and a brighter color. Bonus: layering blush is a good to help color last longer

Step 2 Dust the natural color of apples of the cheeks, blending up towards the hairline then down wards to soften it.

Step 3 Apply the pop color just on the apples of the cheeks. Be sure the smile when applying the blush this is the best way to find the apple of your checks

Step 4 If you want a glow finish use a face blender brush to sweep shimmer bricks across cheeks bones

Step 5 For a greet every day look lip that are similar in tone to the natural color of your lips


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How to Apply Blush on Cheeks Correctly to Make Life Uncomplicated

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