How to apply eyeliner for beginners is known as the most casual cosmetic which is not use by everyone all the time. Most people prefer to apply the liner and lipstick. There is no doubt that the makes your eyes look wonderful and also enhance the beauty of your eyes. There is a technique to apply eyeliner. Everyone can not apply the liner perfectly. We can say it is an art you have to draw a line on your eyes which has to look perfect and goes according to your eyes shape. It is very important to apply it accordingly otherwise the shape of eye. There are some ways and tricks to apply the liner and that has to be followed if you want to make it perfect. By using these simple tips and tricks you can apply the liner accurately. There are different ways you can put it on and you can also apply different styles of according to the occasion. You can make your eyes more beautiful and attracting by using eyeliner only. Following are some of the simple steps and tips you can easily learn to put on the eyeliner.


Choose the Eyeliner Style

For using eyeliner you firstly need to select the color you want. It is not important that you choose only black color for putting on eyeliner. You can also select the same color the dress you are wearing. You also need to focus and consider on the style you want. How to apply eyeliner for beginners there are different ways and styles which you can select for your eye. It is not just drawing a line it is about giving a shape according to the eye and gives a new style. There different types of liners available in the market. It is on the powder form, liquid liner, water proof etc. Now the water proof liners are very much into fashion that they do not get removed by washing the face and it remains the same. Powder liner also gives a very strong result like when you drop few drops of water into the powder it becomes the good liquid liner with superb result.

Applying the Eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner for beginners first of all you will hold your eyes with one hand and make sure the eye lid is not blocked and you have a free way to apply the liner. Hold the eye brow and stretch it upper side and it will be easy for you.Then you will make dots along with the lashes. So it will help you to make liner properly. Just draw the line according to the drops. Draw the thin strokes and you will make it fine after draw it completely. If you want thin liner so fine it with thin style and if you want thick liner so make it according to your demand. Make sure the liner is fine and does not have any missing area.