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Top 10 Easy Steps for How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

Here i share some most important tips and tricks follow these simple and easy step for best result

  1. Prep your eyes area with eye cream, concealer and eyes shadow base (if you have)
  2. Apply light color eye shadow like white, dusky gold light green or any similar color.
  3. Neat eyebrow according. Apply highlight with less shimmer or non at your brow bone area.
  4. Apply light colored eyeliner other then the blackest color.
  5. Waite few minutes for eyeliner to dry. Use eyelash curler to curl your lashes.
  6. Use rotating curler to curl the tip of your lashes.
  7. Apply the mascara top and the bottom waits till dry apply another of 2 layers.
  8. Now use the Q tips excess mascara
  9. Apply white eyeliner on the your water line area
  10. Apply contact lens that are big in diameter and with dark circle outline (optional)


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