How to do smokey eyes makeup is one of the most amazing makeup tips that make you look stupendous. Before getting into the details for getting Smokey eye makeup, let’s discuss how smoky eyes make you look. This look is for women of all ages and women look absolutely stunning with shining. There are different occasions in which you can look spectacular and with the perfect makeup you can make yourself look impeccable.Whether you’ve got a huge show or an extravagant affair to go to, making a smoky eye can include a bit of complex dramatization to your look. Culminating for how to do smokey eyes makeup is not constrained to cosmetics beasts and craftsmen alike, however to anybody with the right instruments and a little know-how. Figure out how to apply both an exemplary and sensational smoky eye with these quick and simple steps.


To Begin with How to do Smokey Eyes Makeup

How to do smokey eyes makeup is not very hard. All you need to do is have a grip of holding the brushes and getting the perfect makeup. Here are the tips for getting smoky eyes.

  1. Apply a moisturizer on the entire face. Covering your eyelids.
  2. Select the color you want to apply on your eye to make them look smoky. Any color can make smoky eyes. Preferably 3 colors.
  3. Hold the right brush to make your eyes glow.
  4. Loose powders provide for you the best mixing capability, which is important for making an extraordinary smoky eye. You can utilize pressed powders and cream shadows too, however for the best look discover loose eye shadow.
  5. Utilize pitch-dark eyeliner to feature your smoky eye. You have the alternative of utilizing a pencil, cream, or fluid eyeliner, and any will work fine and dandy. Cream and fluid eyeliners give an extremely smooth completion, while pencil eyeliner gives a milder mixed look.
  6. Use good quality brushes. Using old ones will give a grubby look which won’t blend easily.
  7. Apply a concealer to your eye lids before applying the eye makeup.


Moving on with How to do Smokey Eyes Makeup

  1. Apply the highlighter first on your eyes as a base. It is the lightest of the eye shadow colors you’ve selected. Apply it in a very neat manner and make sure to smudge it entirely.
  2. Now apply the middle colored eye shadow. It is the color brighter than the highlight but still less bright than the main color. Apply it properly and make the eye lid fill with the entire shade.
  3. Starting with applying the darkest color. Apply the color at the end corner of your eye and bring it towards the middle of the eye in a C shape.
  4. Blend your shadow completely on to your eyes and make the color look dark but not stiff. Make sure to blend the eye makeup properly.
  5. Now apply the eye liner over it as you please.
  6. Finishing the how to do smokey eyes makeup, you can complete your face makeup.