People are more than often inquiring on how to get rid of sunburn. Sunburns are a major nuisance that cause people to cover themselves up during summers. Though this is not a phenomenon restricted to the summer season only. It can happen to anyone at any point of time in the year as they are caused due to extra exposure to the sun ultra violet rays. With this additional exposure the human skin increases its melanin levels produced. Melanin is that specific pigment of the skin that offers it color and more specifically it determines the intensity of any person skin tan. The skin acts to protect the internal layers by boosting up melanin production. Following are a few natural home remedies and tips that are quick and effective for how to get rid of sunburn:


How to Get Rid of Sunburn by using Potato Paste

One effective way is by making use of Potato paste. Potatoes have been used for pain relief since centuries. They are particularly very effective on skin irritations that are minor such as bites, burns and scratches of any kind. They are also used to reduce inflammation. The way to use them has been described differently by people. While some prefer to use the juice for optimal results others prefer to use slices as a whole for this purpose. It is advised to try on both and stick with the one that works best in accordance with the person specific skin type.


  • For this purpose two potatoes and a knife along with cotton balls are needed.
  • Start off with washing and scrubbing of the potatoes completely. Afterwards the potatoes can be grated, cut with a knife or blended.
  • Removal of peels is not a necessary act. Blending of the potatoes should be done until they turn into liquid form. In the case of a dry feel, some amount of water should be added.
  • The mixture should be poured in to a bowl and cotton balls should be used for soaking in the mixture. The mixture can then be applied on with fully care for how to Get rid of Sunburn.
  • Another simple way is to soak the gazed potatoes and to lay them over the sun burnt area of skin effectively.

How to Get rid of Sunburn by using Cool Milk

Another natural remedy use for this purpose is cool milk. This is regarded as the most rapid and simplest way to treat skin sunburns. This is a low cost method which is why it is generally preferred. It is the cooling effect provided by the milk that instantly eases the heat of that sun burnt area. More importantly milk creates a protective protein layer on the skin. This protein layer is what helps the skin in healing and soothing discomfort.


  • Gauze or a normal soft washing cloth can be used for this remedy along with chilled milk.
  • Milk should be poured in a bowl to a high level in order to ease the soaking process
  • . Once the gauze or the soft washcloth becomes saturated then the extra liquid can be drained off.
  • The cloth should then be draped all over the burn with gentle pressure in order for how to get rid of sunburn