How to increase weight has become the big problem for many people. Those people who have weaker body than the normal or healthy person. A more weak body may be a symptom of illness may be weakness due to less vitamins and minerals in body .Many people want to gain their weight they look mostly unhappy due to their unhealthy body. Some people have digestive problem and they cannot eat food properly so they become weak day by day so digestive system also play a vital role for weight gain. Some people eat more and double than a normal person but they also have weak body. So men mostly want look healthy and they want to do everything for healthy body. Balance and healthy body is also look very attractive .So in this article I will tell you some important tips that how a weak person can get a healthy and attractive body.


How to Increase Weight in 1 Month

Breakfast should be healthy and should be full of proteins. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be taken on time. Healthy food includes fruits vegetables dry fruits and also dairy products. Banana, carrot juice, coconut milk, fruits shake also very helpful to gain weight. Eat healthy food which includes more fiber vitamins and proteins and also vegetables that will improve your health day by day. Eat lots of meat in your diet daily without any gap. It should work effectively.Do not keep your stomach empty eat everything what you want to eat. Drink lots of water it will give you proper digestive system. Water helps us to pass food easily through intestine.

How to Increase Weight in 10 Days for Men

Eat more than a normal meal. In normal routine a person take food 3 times a day. You should divide your food in 6 parts and eat healthy food. Eat 2 to 3 eggs and more protein in your diet and should take vitamins and take double calories than normal food. Dairy products like cheese creamed mayonnaise also can grow your weight. Try not to over eating it is not a best solution for weight gain. Because after over eating you will face the digestive problem. So eat healthy food in parts per day. How to increase weight is possible when a person should take healthy exercise for healthy body. Because exercise also a good source for gain weight. Healthy diet and exercise will shape your body. Drink lots of healthy drinks and shakes for gain weight. Digestive functions of the body also play an important role.

How to Increase Weight Naturally

Vegetables fruits and dry fruits are natural way to improve your body weight. Dry fruits like figs, dates, and almond are very helpful to increase weight naturally. Eat almonds and dates with milk daily is very good for attain best weight. Potato is also a very good natural way two gain weight. Eat boil potatoes is a big source for weight gain. Sleeping time should b proper and you should sleep in the noon it will give you more rest and then you will not waste your calories. Sleep 8 to 12 hour is best way for healthy body. Eat Water melon, daily in breakfast and 6 bananas one can surely get benefits to naturally gain weight. Eat lots of fiber food in daily diet. Beef is very powerful and healthy meat it has a large amount of calories eat daily beef in your diet.

How to Increase Weight Fast

Sweets are the best way to gain weight very fast. Ice creamed, chocolate and other sweet products willow help you to gain weight very fast. Bread butter and milk is very good for health. Snacks, fry chicken, oily food will help you for grow weight. Eat wheat, oats, brown rice, drink banana and dates and apple shake with milk are big source for healthy body. How to increase weight with animal fats which you can get from the meat like beef, mutton and chicken will work very accurately for gaining weight fast. Heavy foods include all fruits full of fiber and meat and nuts full of calories you should eat daily. Increase eating habit than normal routine.