Today it has been into fashion to make different nail art designs. There are lots of easy ways to make an art on your nails at home. Few years back people only prefer to use nail polish on their fingers on regular basis and when going out somewhere. Now according to the new fashion people are now very much willing to make different types of art designs on their nails. It is like in different kinds of designs. One type of designs is writing names on the nails. One type of art is by making art designs and of different styles on the nails. This design is mostly made by different colors and can also be made by one color as well. People use these different designs when they go out for some dinner, party, or any special occasion. There are different nail art designs are mentioned as under.

Top 30 Most Beautiful Simple Nail Art Designs 2015

Nail Art Designs Wash and Clean Your Nails

When you are about to write your name or any of your friends name then first decide that what color combination you want to have on your nails because most people apply different colors on their nails. First of all you will wash your nails with warm water and make sure all the parts of the nails are properly cleaned and washed. Keep in mind that all the cuticles must be clean. Dry your hands properly and now get ready to have some beautiful design on your nails.


Nail Art Designs Give a shape to Your Nails

For having any design and art on your nails it is good to firstly give a proper shape to your nails and give them a look. Most of the nail art designs are without shape and if you apply a nail color or make any design on your nail it will surely not look good at all. So giving your nails a good shape also makes your personality looks very good. The shape could be of your choice it can be round, French tips etc

Apply a Base Coat

After giving a proper shape to your nails you will apply a base coat on your nails and make your nails secure from any damages and it will also add a shiner on your nails.

Use a Base Color

For makings any design or art on your nails you will have to use a base color on your nails which will enhance your design. The base color can be single or multiple. If you want to give a different look to your nails you can also apply different colors on different nails.

Make a Design

If you are making a design on your nails so it is good to use a thin brush which will make design clearly. Use different colors to enhance your design and if you are writing name set the color which goes with the base. These are the easy ways to make nail art designs.