Simple healthy easy ground beef recipe of Chili is usually slow cooked over very long periods of time for that certain flavor to be achieved. This is a quick and easy way of achieving that amazing flavor in just about thirty minutes. This ground beef recipe is for eight servings. It is a filling meal and can be adjusted according to taste buds of particular households. The dish looks beautifully mouth watering once prepared and will not have anything lacking from the slow cooked version of it. Following are the ingredients of this dish along with their specific measurement required in preparation of this chili:



  • Lean ground beef- 2 pounds
  • Chili seasoning mix- 1/3 cup
  • Can of dice tomatoes with the green of pepper and onion with celery
  • Canned tomato sauce- 2 cans of eight ounce
  • Canned UN-drained black beans- 1 of 16 ounce
  • Canned small red beans that are UN-drained- 1 can of 15.5 ounce


For simple healthy easy ground beef recipe need brown the beef in an oven over medium heat with intervals of stirring until pink color is removed. Drain it and place it back in the oven with sprinkled seasoning mix followed by sauteing for one minute. The sauteing should be over medium heat.

Add the remaining ingredients and diced tomatoes with stirring and boil over medium to high heat. Cover and cook with occasional stirring over low heat for 15 minutes.

Make the simple healthy easy ground beef recipe servings as required.