This is a very simple vegetarian best and easy lasagna recipe of this famous dish. The recipe makes use of seasoned tomato sauce along with the ground beef. It consists of delicious layering of noodles and cheese. This healthy and mouthwatering dish is a crowd pleaser and an absolute favorite of children. It requires fifteen minutes for prepping followed by about 1.25 hours for cooking. The recipe is for six servings. Following are the measurements of ingredients:



  • Non stick cooking spray (original)
  • 93 percent lean ground beef- 1 pound
  • Cans of seasoned tomato sauce for Lasagna- 2 cans
  • Non boiling flat lasagna noodles- 6 dry uncooked
  • Ricotta cheese- 1 container of 15 ounce
  • Skim mozzarella cheese- 2 cups.


  • Start for vegetarian best and easy lasagna recipe preheating of the oven to 375 degrees F. Take a baking dish of glass of 8×8 inches and spray it with cooking spray.
  • Cook the beef in a large skillet until the pink color is removed. Occasionally stir while cooking. Add the tomato sauce with stirring.
  • Take half of the meat sauce and spread it over the bottom of that dish. Place the noodles over this meat sauce and top the layers with half of the required ricotta cheese along with a cup of total mozzarella cheese and the other half of meat sauce. Repeat this layering.
  • Spray cooking spray over aluminum foil and tightly cover the dish with it. Bake for about thirty minutes. Bake for fifteen more minutes after removing foil. Serve the vegetarian best and easy lasagna recipe after ten minutes.